Welcome to Rocky Mountain Biodiesel Consulting

Biodiesel is an exciting new renewable liquid fuel that has tremendous potential for the U.S. and international energy markets. The successful commercialization of the U.S. Biodiesel industry led to an explosion of new “renewable diesel fuel replacements” such as renewable diesel, green diesel, pyrolysis oils, Fischer-Tropsch fuels, algae, and others emerging fuels. Dr. Tyson, CEO of Rocky Mountain Biodiesel Consulting, LLC, has been in the forefront of these emerging industries for over 20 years, providing technology evaluations, strategic planning, feedstock evaluations, modeling and projections, life cycle analysis, and project management for R&D projects. She works in all aspects of the industry from feedstock (oilseed, recycled fats and greases, algae production), to conversion technologies of all kinds (biodiesel, renewable diesel, ethanol, algae), to marketing and outreach (heating oil, locomotives, ferries, on-road transportation, military, etc.).

RMBC provides technical and business support to new producers, consumers, investors, government agencies, and other interested organizations. By working with you and RMBC, we can become one of the largest success stories of the 22nd century.